Prague: Week 3.

My third week in Prague didn’t exactly start too great. My mind collapsed a little bit and I had to get some space, so I picked up my bag and fucked off out of class and headed straight to the Metro with my cameras and went to get some peace on my own in the city.
Granted, heading into the city might seem like the last place to go in order to get some space, but in a city no one bothers you; Everyone’s got their own shit to be getting on with, which meant I was free to roam and just be content with existing. Hiding in plain sight.

Prague has felt pretty grey while I’ve been here, there’s a cold smog over the entire city, and a side from one brief moment one morning, I haven’t actually seen the sky. Honestly, it’s weird. I kind of feel like I’m walking round with a bag permanently over my head.
The Christmas markets do bring some colour into the fold though (and while I’m hardly a Christmas kinda person, the pastries and hot wine are too good to ignore).
The city had a brief shower of snow, and it was just the right temperature for it to settle. All the benches were finely covered.
…and just enough so that couples could write their names in it.
I missed my chance here, I clearly should have written “LEE WOZ HERE 2014”..P1120873P1120825P1120828
I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with this city over the next few months. I’m with the right people, that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “Prague: Week 3.

  1. Reading this reminded me when I came here in 2001. When you change country, whether it’s for a shorter or longer amount of time, you get the initial mix of excitement and fear, then once there, you feel like stripped to the bones. In some ways you have to reset parameters that until then seemed obvious and sometimes boring, then you find yourself doubting if you did the right thing, and that’s when something unexpectedly brings the excitement back: one look, one word, a thought.
    Regardless the length of your stay, just enjoy xx

  2. Crazy that it’s been 3 weeks!

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