Prague, continued.

I’ve pretty much had zero structure in my life for the past… decade? I got progressively worse at school and fluked my way through college, and very much did what I wanted after that.

Adjusting to a routine of ‘wake up, study, eat, study, teach, eat if you’re lucky, and sleep’ is a head-fuck; can’t lie about that. There’s a lot of eating in food courts and quiet bars, just anywhere to get work done.



Well, a perfect routine is the end-goal, I think. Though I don’t even think a ‘perfect routine’ is obtainable, I just wanna get fucking good at it. There’s been various cutbacks over the first week though, what with alcohol and socialising coming way before eating and sleeping as a priority… Perhaps a little too much sometimes.



I don’t know who this guy is…


… and I don’t think anyone else did, either.


But, y’know, socialising is a big deal and it’s fucking important. I’m actually a pretty shy guy, too. So I’ve made a pretty concious effort to just get out there and drink and do my thing and as a result I’ve found a bunch of people I really dig.




Motivational club toilet wall scrawl… or something…




We’ve tried teaching Matthew how to dance (I say we lightly, the girls have. I maintain my own kinda terrible, obviously.)


Amber doesn’t drink tequila, she fell out with it…




(FYI: We drank tequila.)

Oh, this is Danny. Anyone who wants to clutch on to me and jump around yelling along to Nirvana is a good guy in my book.


So, the whole group sort of got together on the Friday. I guess the problem with that is by the time it got to the actual first weekend, Saturday was a write off…


It made it hard to appreciate the city, but we tried.



But hey, me and Amber sourced what is quite possibly the best hot chocolate ever. Small victories, n’that!


Seriously, it’s essentially a melted chocolate bar, and having any amount more than a shot glass would be heart-attack territory.

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