Pražský Hrad, Prague.


So, after spending 9 hours on a cold floor in Gatwick and a shorter than expected flight, I ended up landing in Prague. I’d arrived just in time for the organised orientation walk where we got to briefly see a little of what Prague’s about.

I got told some mental stuff, I’ll try and cover it a little more in further posts, but I just wanna leave you with this. Pražský Hrad. It’s hard to comprehend how this stuff was built centuries ago. Builders back in England barely get the cement mixed before needing a good brew…

The foods cheap, here. I’ve just finished up a roast duck, with red cabbage and potato dumplings. That worked out about £3? It just wouldn’t happen in England, and I’m hardly from the more expensive places.

The beer here is cheap, too. Like, proper cheap. I worked it out about a quid a pint, and I don’t know WHAT it is exactly I’m drinking, but I’m not complaining. The vodka ain’t much more expensive either. I’m guessing it’s pretty good, ’cause aside from waking up with my clothes thrown all over, and myself covered in pretzels (lightly-salted), I suffered no hangover. Winner.

There’s no dickheads on my course too, which is great. I guess I sorta expect the worst, and try and hope for the best. Looks like I’ve got a good lot ‘ere. If they don’t know about my blog, I suspect they might do by now… so, hey guys. Cheers for not being a pack of dickheads.

2 thoughts on “Pražský Hrad, Prague.

  1. cheap?! I always thought Prague was expensive. Dang.

    1. Perhaps in the more touristy centre, but I’ve never bought bottles of vodka for £3.50 back in England. 😉

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