Man in Shop, Athens

After about 23 hours of on again off again travelling, I am finally home.

I’ve posted a whole ton about my time in Athens from the comfort of my iPhone thanks to the WordPress app and VSCOcam, but now I’m getting to sort through my other photos.

I’ll try and be a bit more sporadic with some of these in the future and try and break it up a bit…



The sales tactics are relentless in Athens. I felt compelled to apologise every time I was approached for not wanting to buy anything, but you soon learn not to even bother. Especially when it comes to being given items for ‘free’, and then being chased down for not coughing up a Euro. Fuck that.

1 thought on “Man in Shop, Athens

  1. “for free”, “for free”, “for free”, “for free”…. 1 euro.

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