I feel sad writing that Everyone An Army is now no more. For the longest time, it was the most consistent part of my creative life. While at times frustrating, definitely the most fun.

I’ve just about always played bass in bands (err, I like to think it’s less of the fact that I’m rubbish at guitar, and more because no one else wanted to).

I did my bit, and ruined my fair share.

This brings me on to my new project, Turtls.

Not only am I not playing bass, but I’m also gonna be handling vocals. I don’t quite know how I feel about that. Suffice to say, I probably look sufficiently miserable enough to front a band in this photo…


Here’s Jordan, standing as still as any a fine bassist would.
(Don’t be fooled, he’s got some moves.)


I’ve released a whole bunch of EPs in the past which are noise heavy, found sound, synth manipulated tom-fuckery. So the oddest thing I’m experiencing right now is that I’ve written some songs that are managing to translate pretty nicely into a full band format. Musically, we’re one song in, but with everyone on board for collaboration, I’m sure we’re gonna turn ’em into something pretty neat. Here’s Iain figuring out some vocal harmonies…


We’re making our base in a pub cellar, and it get’s fucking hot in there.

Alls I can really say is don’t expect us to be pushing any boundaries here, there’s definitely a lazy throw-back vibe going on and we’re just having some fun. We’d like to gig, but we’ve all got mad shit going on in our lives, so I guess at the moment we’re just getting together when we can.

You will hear music from us, eventually.

If you want to listen to some rough quiet versions of part-songs I made ages ago on my own in my bedroom, you can have a listen here:


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