From what little I remember, I’m pretty sure last years Freshers Bar Crawl was insane. So I was excited to be shooting it again this year.

After drinking a bottle of vodka with a couple of pals before heading out, we arrived at a bar and found Sam who bagged us all Sambuca. Top bloke.


I don’t know what the hell was going on, but the freshers lot were a whole couple of bars ahead and at the other side of town. I didn’t understand the apparent rush, but we got out of there and caught them up. Well, I did. My pals ended up elsewhere.


All was well when I found Jess, the leader for the night. My memory is pretty hazy, but I’m sure she plied me with some jagers, so much thanks go out to her.


I haven’t seen so many beardless faces in a while. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone full circle and slipped out of fashion just as quickly as I slipped in…

Or maybe it’s just a sign I’m getting old?


I don’t know what the hell’s happening here but he was loving it.


The night sort of fizzled out pretty quickly and I ended up slouched behind a bin trying to stop a lass from dying on me, so here’s a few more photographs that imply a bit of a happier ending.

DSC_7000 DSC_7002DSC_7004

The lass survived, by the way.

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